I have held off publication of my dissertation for a couple of years in order to submit my work to peer-reviewed journals but in the meantime, here are my acknowledgments. #sharingiscaring #feelinggrateful


This dissertation could not have happened without the help and support of many wonderful people.

Dr. Heather Laschinger, thank you for welcoming me into your research team and pushing me to keep moving the bar higher. Your mentorship and guidance has been instrumental to my success. Drs. Carol Wong, Joan Finegan, and Roberta Fida – thank you for sharing your expertise, thoughtful insights, and encouragement throughout my doctoral journey.  I have learned much from each of you and appreciate your time and energy over the last few years. Thank you!

My past supervisors and mentors Drs. Robert Petrella, Kevin Shoemaker, Jonathon Fowles, and Susan Markham-Starr– thank you for introducing me to research (and APA) and providing me with an excellent foundation for my PhD. Sincerest thanks to Dr. Gary Ness for sparking my interest in healthcare policy and encouraging me to dream big and choose a career I am passionate about. Professor Ann Dodge, thank you for teaching me some valuable life lessons – sometimes they take longer than expected. Scott Rausch, thank you for teaching me the importance of leading by example and learning to pick my battles. Bob Howell, thank you for introducing me to leadership theory in high school – at the time I didn’t realize how valuable and central this would be in my life.

I have also been fortunate to take courses with wonderful faculty members throughout my doctoral journey. A special thank you to Drs. Chris Higgins and Fernando Olivera at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Dr. Don Saklofske in the Psychology Department, and Drs. Carole Orchard, Carol Wong, Heather Laschinger, Sue Anthony, Mary-Anne Andrusyszyn, and Helene Berman from the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing. I am also grateful to my many professors at Acadia and Western in English, kinesiology, and nursing who have helped me better understand the human condition through literature, art, science, and movement.

A huge thank you to my friends and colleagues in SGS at Parkwood Hospital. You welcomed me with open arms and showed me the importance of positive relationships in the workplace. I loved working with you and you make me proud to be a nurse!

My fellow students and research lab friends, Ashley Grau, Lesley Smith, Christine Cullion-Hicks, Amanda Nosko, Michelle Pajot, Kevin Wood, Glen Gorman, Sheila Boamah, Karen Cziraki, Fatmah Fallatah, and Kathleen Leduc – thank you for sharing your intellectual energy, kindness, sweat, tears, and laughter.

My wonderful friends and housemates – Melissa Anderson, Ewa Choinska, Lyndsey Desjardins, Stephanie Fillmore, Laura Graham, Sarah MacEachern, Erin Marcotte, Kelly Moores, Kate Pearce, Katie Prowse, Michelle & Aric Rankin, Adrian Spencer, Dave Trask, Anita & Eva Wall, James Young, and the fine folks of 3A, Cutten House, and Tower – thank you for helping me remember to have fun and be a little more awesome. I am so lucky to have had you all join me on my epic university adventure. Thank you Morgan Hoffarth, Heidi Elliot, Kristy Clark, Mary MacKenzie & Mark Watling, Kathleen & Bob Leduc, Angela Arnold, and the wonderful staff at the YMCA for taking such good care of Liam. I really couldn’t have done it without you!

I am ever grateful for the ongoing unconditional love and support of my family. Thank you to my beautiful, joyful son, Liam, for keeping me balanced and bringing delight to each day. Thank you to my amazing parents, David and Shannon Read, for teaching me the value of hard work, what it means to have the heart of a champion, and cultivating my love of learning. My sisters, Meghan Todd and Ally Read, thank you for sharing your valuable insights on work and life, your positive energy, and your generous supply of coffee when I visit. A very special thank you to Nancy Read, and Chris, Ian, and Fiona Watling for helping make London my second home. Finally, thank you to my grandmother, Kay Read, for your endless love and support and many fine afternoons of laughter and canassda. I miss you.

Last but not least, thank you to my former teammates, coaches, and colleagues/friends from Amherst Regional High School, Camp Glenburn, the Cumberland YMCA, the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service, the City of London, the Athletic Club, RNAO, Acadia Residence Life, and Acadia Athletics who have taught me invaluable lessons about leadership, teamwork, and positive relationships at work.
“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”  ― J.R.R. Tolkien



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