I Quit the Home Internet


This week I decided to quit the home internet. Experiment 1 of 2017.

Why would I do this?!

  • I don’t want to work 24/7. After many years of being in school and working and spending WAY too much time sitting on my butt on a computer, I want to have more of a life. More non-work time obviously means I need to spend LESS time doing work. Not having the internet at home means that I have to be more focused and more intentional with my internet use. I have made a list of “Internet Things to Do” and plan ahead. I can still read and write – distraction-free – at home if I need to.
  • I am addicted to Facebook and looking up random articles on my phone. I realized that the first thing I did in the morning and the last thing I did at night was look at my phone. Check Facebook. Read the news. Check the weather. Check Facebook….all while trying to get a baby velociraptor (who may actually be my preschool-age son) and a kitten to stop vying for my attention by sitting on top of me. Without the internet, I am not distracted by my phone so I no longer get sneak-attacked by these crazy animals. Don’t get me wrong, I do spend time off my phone too but it was getting to be a huge distraction.
  • Money. Internet is expensive in NB. $100 a month = $1200 a year and there are lots of other things that I value more than home internet. Maybe it’s just a case of “the Januarys” but I am trying to be more mindful of my spending this year and pay off some debts.  When I sat down to think about it, my list of things that I value more than home internet was quite long! Camping, rain gutters on my house, solar panels, a BBQ, new winter boots, etc.
  • There was life before the internet and it was AWESOME! I feel lucky that my childhood was internet-free. We played outside, read books, played sports, etc. There is SO much to do and really, life is too short to do it all – why waste time?

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