The Defense

On Monday morning I had my PhD Defense and it was completely wonderful! For weeks beforehand I prepared diligently, trying to anticipate difficult questions my examiners might ask. I made an exam binder with my whole dissertation in it, Mplus output, copies of my survey booklet, key references, detailed notes that I made as I … Continue reading The Defense


I want an academic career. When’s the BEST time to have a baby?

The short answer is that there is no best time and that really, anytime is the best time. Nothing can ever prepare you for the challenges and joys of parenting – regardless of whether or not you are a grad student, a practising nurse, or a stay-at-home mom. That being said, it helps if you … Continue reading I want an academic career. When’s the BEST time to have a baby?

Why Tenure isn’t Everything

Many doctoral students think that getting published in a top journal and getting tenure are the only things that matter in their career.  While I think those things are valuable achievements, I believe that this task-focused approach to doctoral education is dead wrong.  Here’s why. 1. Relationship-building is more important than you think.  Are outcome-focused … Continue reading Why Tenure isn’t Everything