Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows

I supervise and co-supervise graduate students in a number of programs at the University of New Brunswick and other universities. Working with graduate students is truly one of the best parts of my job.  Generally, students work on either a research study of their own or one of my funded projects. Please see my research studies and recent publications to get a sense of the type of work that I do.  If you are interested in working with me, please email me at:


Current Students & Post-doctoral Fellows:






Name: Leigh-Anne Gillespie

Degrees: BSc (hons), MSc, PhD (McMaster University)

Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow 

Funding: AGE-WELL, New Brunswick Health Research Foundation 

About:  I am a transdisciplinary research professional with expertise in health policy, research methods, and ethics. As a Postdoctoral Fellow with AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub: Advancing Policies and Practices in Technology and Aging, I support and engage government stakeholders in the development and introduction of technological innovations to the health system and marketplace. In my off time, I can be found supporting local market vendors and shopping anything vintage!



Name – Norma Chinho

 Degrees  – BA (French & Philosophy) – University of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe), MBA – Midlands State University (Zimbabwe)

 Current degree program and position – Master’s in Applied Health Services Research (MAHSR), Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Read in the Faculty of Nursing, University of New Brunswick

Current research – I am finalizing a research proposal on the perceptions by seniors of the home support services in New Brunswick. The recruitment will begin between September and October 2018. For this study, I will recruit about 10 to 15 participants to understand their lived experiences and perspectives on home support services. The hope is that findings will inform policy and evidence-based practice in the field.

Career goals – Nothing thus far about my career path has been altogether straightforward and planned. I have worked in a variety of fields from teaching to human resources in my home country of Zimbabwe and internationally as an Election Observer in countries like The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia and Haiti. Then with a shift now toward applied health services here in Canada, I can safely say my career goals remain pretty much open. In short, it is safe to say I look for challenging positions in which I experience growth in the field I will be working and as a person, while interacting with diverse nationalities, cultures and languages.

Personal interests/hobbies – I love traveling and photography. I have a mile long bucket list of places I have to visit at least once in my lifetime and photograph the daylights out of them! My work has led me to 13 African countries so far and I have yet to go to Asia and Europe, Australia and so on. In my spare time I like to knit and crochet. I love yarn and to see the work of my own hands is utterly satisfying.



Name: Jenna Shaddick
Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing – Registered Nurse
Current degree program:  Master in Nursing- Nurse Practitioner Stream
Funding: Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick, UNB Graduate Research Assistance
Current Research: My current research is about how patients diagnosed with dementia present pain and the ways health care providers can detect this pain. This is an area of interest for me because I believe this population can be wrongly diagnosed, as pain may present differently in this population.

Career goals: To obtain my nurse practitioner license and provide high-quality primary health care to Canadians. I want to spend more time on health promotion and disease prevention.

Personal Interests: Traveling


Dr. Cora Woolsey, PhD (archeology).

Cassandra Folkins (2018–present), Masters of Applied Health Services Research, University of New Brunswick. Topic: Passive in-home remote monitoring technology and seniors’ health in New Brunswick. Role: Thesis Supervisor.

Rebecca Woods (2017–present), Masters of Nursing, University of New Brunswick. Topic: Burnout among mental health nurses. Role: Thesis Supervisor.

Caitlin Robertson (2016–present), Masters of Applied Health Services Research, University of New Brunswick. Topic: Physician perspectives on medical assistance in dying. Role: Thesis Supervisor. Funding: Canadian Frailty Network Fellowship, 2018–2019, $25,000.

Danie Gagnon (2017–present), Masters of Applied Health Services Research, University of New Brunswick. Topic: Examining the experiences of Francophone women who have experienced intimate partner violence. Role: Co-supervisor with Dr. Lori Weeks at Dalhousie University.

Ryan Murray (2017–present), Masters of Applied Health Services Research, University of New Brunswick. Topic: Predictors of high-cost health care use among military veterans in the Maritime provinces. Role: Co-Supervisor with Dr. Bill Montelpare at the University of Prince Edward Island. Funding: SPOR-MSSU Studentship/Fellowship, 2018–2019, $35,000.

Ashley Hare (2017–present), Masters of Nursing, University of New Brunswick. Topic: Polypharmacy within the elderly population. Role: NP Synthesis Paper Supervisor.